Meet the team

We're proud to say that our team is like our family



Work isn't hard when you love what you do. 

Kingaroy Joinery prides itself in the strong and skilful team we've assembled. We take extra care in training all our staff to ensure that our skill-set, developed over many generations, is nurtured, maintained and continually improved upon.

To us our team are like family and that cohesiveness behind the scenes works to ensure the best quality outcomes in our products and services.

We're proud to be nominated as finalists in the 2016 Queensland Government Training Awards in the category of Medium Employer of the year.


All in a day's work

Kingaroy Joinery has a heritage that spans over 85 years—that's a lot of cabinetry; birthday morning teas; and happy clients!


Days of work

Each day our team continues the legacy of quality work and great service.


Times birthday candles have been lit

We celebrate our team's milestones and achievements like we do our family's.


Happy clients

Our craftsmanship has stood the test of time. Our wonderful clients keep coming back.

The Keffords

  • Amanda Kefford Kingaroy Joinery's CEO
  • Darrin Kefford Kingaroy Joinery's Manager

Admin Team

  • Alyce Collins, Office Administrator
  • Stacey Wickson, Office Administrator
  • Jenni Fogarty, Office Administrator
  • Emily Staines, Administration Trainee
  • Jayden Mayger, Computer Aided Draftsperson
  • Daniel Lockman, Computer Aided Draftsperson
  • Chris Lenihan, Purchasing Officer
  • Wayne Stenning, Estimator

Cabinetry Crew

  • Phil Prendergast, Cabinetmaker Foreman
  • Luke Betts
  • Gary Mann, Cabinetmaker
  • Dennis Darr, Carpenter
  • Shane Ellis, Cabinetmaker
  • Kieran Seiler, Cabinetmaker Apprentice
  • Marcus Grosskopf, Cabinetmaker Apprentice
  • Jordon Woods, Cabinetmaker Apprentice


Aluminium Team

  • Peter Adamson, Aluminium Foreman
  • Alan O'Hanlon, Glazier
  • Jep Boynton, Trades Assistant
  • Tin Truong, Glazing Apprentice
  • Matt Litzow, Glazing Apprentice

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